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Gold Testing Machine (Axiom)

Gold Testing Machine - Axiom

High energy photons emitted by a X-ray tube interact with metal & materials. The high energy photon is absorbed by an electron of the atom. This electron is accelerated and forced to leave the atom. The so created hole in the structure of the electron shell is filled up by an electron of higher energy. The difference is energy between the leaving electrons position and the filling up electron may leave the atom as a photon of defined energy or as an electron. In the case of a leaving photon this process is called X-ray fluorescent and the energy of the leaving photon is characteristic for this atom therefore for the element. The electron shells of an atom are called K-, L-, M-shell.
Filling up a hole in the K-Shell creates, K-radiation (Ka if the filling up electron has is origin in the L-shell, Ka if the filling up electron has is origin in the M-shell). Filling up a hole in the L-shell creates L-radiation and so on. Only K and L radiation is on interest because the energy of K and L radiation is in the region which can be detected with standard detectors.
Axiom are XRF are the user friendly bench top instruments designed for material analysis and coating thickness measurements. The Xray source and detector assembly is located in the instruments upper chamber with motorizes Z axis movement which ensures the ease of measurement. The integrated video microscope with zoom and crosshair simplifies samples placement and allows for a precise measuring spot adjustment.
The instruments are perfectly designed to cater to material analysis and coating thickness measurement of multiple layers in application as follows :
  • Electronic and Electrical components
  • jewellery
  • Fastness
  • PCB
  • Liquid Analysis
  • Hardware
  • Connectors

Technical Specifications

X-Ray tube High Performing,stable with long life tungsten tube. Spot size approx 0.5x0.5mm to assure minimal beam spread
High Voltage 50kV, 1.2mA (60Watt) high voltage generator, software controlled.
Collimator Single Collimator 0.3mmØ (optional sizes : 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm)
Detector Proportional Counter, Si-Pin & SDD
Colour Video microscope High resolution CCD color camera for optical monitoring of the measurement location with 20X zoom, Electronic cross hair with scale and beam size indication.
Software User friendly, Coating-thickness analysing and operating programs Results and statics data can be stored in data file.
There are three seperate modules as follows.
1. Evaluation module for coating thickness and composition analysis.
2. Software module for fast and simple qualitative analysis. Up to 20 elements can be identified simultaneously.
3. To generate thickness applications without standards using the fundamental Parameter calculation method.
Sample Focus Motorised moving head z axis
Laser Pointer Laser emits through the collimator travelling the X-Ray indicating the target spot on the sample very precisely only with colimator >0.3mm
Micro Focus X-Ray tube X-Ray tube with tungsten target, Be window, stability and longer life, spot 85x85µ. Oil insulated air cooled, radiation safe tube shielding.
single collimator 0.1mmØ
Multi collimator Colliamtor changer, 6 positions molarised, automatic 0.1mmØ / 0.2mmØ /0.3mmØ / 0.5mmØ / 0.05x0.05mm / 0.05x0.25mm
Sample stage Motorised programmable X,Y
Power Supply AC 110V or AC 230V, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 200VA
Usable Sample Area 400x420mm
Internal Chamber Dimension 500 x 489 x 172.5mm (W x D x H)
External Dimension 500 x 652 x 500mm


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