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Filter Micro Balances

Filter Micro Balances

Our Latest Filter Micro Balance has been designed to meet high requirement for measuring small masses with high readability (d=1mg). They are equipped with Specialized graphic display with user menu.
In order to guarantee proper accuracy of measurement, a half automatic system of External Calibration with F1 standard weight has been applied.
Filter Micro Balance consist of two balance components One of them contains electronic modules & other precise MONO-TECH mechanical measuring system. Such solution guarantees elimination of temperature changes influencing the indication micro balance.
Filter Micro balance series CM are offered with capacity 2gm to 22gm. (With readability 1μg) Balance are equipped with esthetic, cylindrical shaped weighing chamber with glass draft shield. All elements of weighing chamber are manufacturer from glass of metal which minimize the influence of electro static charges on weighing result. Filter Micro Balance equipped with user friendly menu. User has access to multiple functions & measuring units which allow for specification for working requirements. Filter Micro Balance software allows for composition GLP procedures as standard print out or as freely definable non-standard print out series.
Standard Features
  • Specialized Large Backlite Alpha numeric LCD Display with A.E.P. (Advance Eye Protection) New.
  • Standard RS 232 interface / USB.
  • Inbuilt system of internal calibration with initial calibration
  • Auto calibration according to change in ambient temperature.
  • User selected time calibration
  • Various application other than just simple.
  • Weighing like
  • Weighing %
  • Filling
  • Check Weighing
  • Statistic
  • Complies to GLP / GMP
  • Automatic Zero Tracking features (can be turned OFF by menu code).
Technical Specifications

MODEL CM 2 CM 5 CM 6 CM 22
Maximum capacity [Max] 2 g 5 g 6.1 g 22 g
Minimum load 100 µg 100 µg 100 µg 100 µg
Readability [d] 1 µg 1 µg 1 µg 1 µg
Repeatability (Max) 1 µg 1.6 µg 1.6 µg 1.6 µg
Repeatability (5% Max) 0.5 µg 1 µg 1 µg 1 µg
Verification scale interval [e] 1 mg 1 mg 1 mg 1 mg
Tare range -2 g -5 g -6.1 g -22 g
Linearity (+/-) Lower Range 2 µg (0 - 500µg) 2 µg (0 - 500µg) 2 µg (0 - 500µg) 2 µg (0 - 500µg)
Linearity(+/-) Higher Range 3 µg (500µg -2g) 4 µg (1-5g) 4 µg (1-6.1g) 6 µg (1-6.1g)
Eccentric load deviation 3 µg 5 µg 5 µg 5 µg
Sensitivity offset 1.5x10-6xRt 1.5x10-6xRt 1.5x10-6xRt 1.5x10-6xRt
Sensitivity temperature drift 1x10-6/°CxRt 1x10-6/°CxRt 1x10-6/°CxRt 1x10-6/°CxRt
Sensitivity time drift 1x10-6/YearxRt 1x10-6/YearxRt 1x10-6/YearxRt 1x10-6/YearxRt
Minimum weight (USP) 1 mg 2 mg 2 mg 2 mg
Minimum weight (U=1%,k=2) 0.1 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg
Weighing chamber dimensions Ø94 x 30mm Ø94 x 30mm Ø94 x 30mm Ø94 x 30mm
Stabilization time Max 6 - 8 s Max 6 - 8 s Max 6 - 8 s Max 6 - 8 s
Weighing pan dimensions 50 Ø /100 mm Ø 50 Ø /100 mm Ø 50 Ø /100 mm Ø 50 Ø /100 mm Ø
Display Alpha Numeric Backlite LCD Display
Calibration Motorised Internal Calibration
Units of measure gm, mg, ct, GN, mo, oz, dwt, t1T, t1H, t1S, mom, Bat, MS
Operating Temp. 18° to 30°C
Sensitivity Drift. +1ppm (1 x 10-6 / °C)
Interface RS 232C Optional USB (Windows direct communication).
Application Modes PCS, % Weighing, Animal / Dynamic Weighing, Check Weighing, etc.
Power Supply A/C Adaptor 230V or 115V / +/-20% 50-60Hz
Compliance ISO, GLP / GMP Compliance
Balance Size mm Mechanical Box : 360 (L) x 118 (W) x 45 (H)
Electronic Box : 240 (W) x 210 (D) x 65 (H)
Weight Approx 10.20 / 14.70 kg
Packaging Dimensions 47cm x 37cm x 49cm


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